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What is RETINA? The RETINA program develops and operates novel robotic systems and instrumentation in order to conduct compelling scientific missions and demonstrate advanced technology applicable to the exploration and understanding of Earth and other worlds.  Students at all levels are the driving force in the development and operation of these systems, thereby providing outstanding education and workforce training opportunities for our future generation of scientists and engineers.


SENCER Keynote - Dr. Christopher Kitts gave the keynote address at the Fall SENCER symposium, held at Santa Clara University in late October 2008. Dr. Kitts invited SENCER participants to join RETINA's evolving estuarine observatory initiative.

AUV Workshop - Mr. Bill Kirkwood co-chaired an IEEE AUV workshop at Woods Hole, where RETINA graduate student Erin Beck presented the latest work on the SeaWASP autonomous SWATH boat which is being developed by RETINA studetns.

Oceans Conference - RETINA graduate student Paul Mahacek presented his Masters thesis research on the formation control of robotic kayaks at the IEEE Oceans Conference in Quebec City Canada in the early Fall.  This work is being extended to support a RETINA crab tracking mission in Alaska in the Summer of 2009.

SWATH Team Formed - A new design team consisting of Santa Clara University undergraduate and graduate students have formed for the 2008-09 academic year in order to bring the SeaWASP autonomous boat up to an operational status.  If accomplished, this team will deploy SeaWASP in several locations in order to generate shallow water bathymetric maps.  Targeted locations include Elkhorn Slough and the San Francisco Bay in late Spring 2009 and the San Juan Islands and Kasitsna Bay Alaska in the Summer of 2009.

SeaWASP during a test deployment in the Stevens Creek Resevoir near Santa Clara University.

Sampling Instrument Development Continues - RETINA students and alumni continue are developing a new version of their fluid / microbial  sampling instrument in cooperation with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. 

RETINA fluid / microbial sampler

This sampler has been used on missions with MBARI's Ventana ROV and the deep sea submersible Alvin. The new sampler is being prepared for taking samples of  hydrothermal vents and boreholes along the Juan de Fuca ridge during missions planned for 2009.
For More Information Contact:
Dr. Geoff Wheat, (831) 633-7033, wheat @ mbari.org          Dr. Christopher Kitts, (408) 554-4382, ckitts @ scu.edu